What’s the average turnaround time to get my order?

  • Turnaround times vary, in most cases for a bulk order it will be ready in two weeks or less. For a single shirt or a smaller order, they will be done within a week.


What if I need an order sooner than the standard turnaround times?

  • We do accommodate rush orders however there will be a rush fee.


What type of art files do you need?

  • .svg file or a 300 dpi scaled at 12x12 inches .png file. FYI (a screen shot or something pulled off the internet will not work it is to low resolution)


What if I don’t have those types of files.

  • You can ask you graphic designer for them. 2) you can send us what you have and for a fee we can have it converted to the proper file. Prices will vary dependent on the complexity of the design.


Do you accept outside digitized files for embroidery?

  • We only use digitized files that we digitize. So all embroidery will have a one-time digitizing fee.


Can I supply my own garments to be decorated on?

  • We supply all the garments to avoid all variables that come with accepting outside garments.


Can I order just one custom shirt?

  • Yes


What’s the minimum for screen printing?

  • For a single color print the minimum is twelve.


What’s the minimum for embroidery?

  • 10 items.


Can you help me design something?

  • We can assist with a simple design, if you need something complex there will be an art service fee.
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